Family Fun Ideas

          flour writing    ***click on the picture for more writing ideas!!!
Writing fun! Practice writing meaningful letters in sand, flour, rice, kool- aid...Fill a pan full of flour or anything that would be fun for your child to play in:) Call out a letter and have your child write it in the flour or you model how and they copy yours! This is a super fun way to practice writing their names

                                                 ABC  Cup Game 
Put out different cups with letters on them. Have a bag full of letters that match the letters on the cups and some that do not. Your child will pull out a letter and place it in the correct cup. Try and have them name the letter and the sound. Use letters that are in their name, in siblings name…you could also have them match uppercase to lowercase or have clipart on the cup and have them match the letter to the picture. Example- Place a picture of a cat on one cup. They will place all the C letters in that cup!  
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